The Moorings Advantage -- U.S. Variable Tax Program

The Moorings Advantage Program is designed for individuals that want to operate a yacht as a business. This program will increase income potential and allow for tax benefits within an organized structure that will assure compliance with current IRS code regulations and IRS Safe Harbor Rules.

Any successful business venture depends on a number of important factors

  • Correct equipment, in this case The Yacht.

  • The right “partner” in charter operations.

  • A sound Business Plan supported by successful history and expertise

Correct Equipment:

The Yacht an Owner chooses to create their Business should be one that has been designed to withstand the rigors of charter service and have features that allow ease of maintenance to limit down time and control maintenance costs. The Moorings works with major manufacturers to make certain the yachts offered meet these tests. In the case of Robertson and Caine / Leopard Catamarans, The Moorings and Robertson and Caine start with a blank piece of paper and the result is an endless list of Award Winning Yachts.


The “Right” Charter Partner:

The Moorings is the unquestioned leader in the Charter Industry. Celebrating 50 years of continuous charter operation since 1969 and proud to say it has never missed a payment to an owner. The Moorings created the first charter ownership programs in the early seventies, and unequally enough these were heavily tax leveraged. Times change as do tax rules and lifestyles and The Moorings has evolved to offer not only a risk free Guaranteed Income Program, but also our Option to Purchase Program and our new Moorings Advantage program. The right partner! The Moorings is backed by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) a leading private equity firm with assets of over $148 Billion Dollars.


A Sound Business Plan:

Partnering with The Moorings is sound business, with longevity and track record of success in good times and bad. The Moorings, and sister company Sunsail, operate nearly 800 yachts worldwide. The Moorings Advantage Program, our newest offering, is in response to a myriad of “new” charter operators offering programs that some might describe as too good to be true. That is where partnering with The Moorings Advantage program is sound. The Moorings will be with you from start to finish. We will help you purchase the best yacht for you and your business.

The Moorings will manage your Yacht with your full involvement and active participation. The Moorings has engaged a Registered Agent, admitted to practice before the IRS in all 50 states.
This agent, Patrick J. Wehrly is available for consultation with prospective Owners, has prepared step by step instructions on how to run your Yacht as a Business. This includes forms and logs that when used in conjunction with comprehensive monthly statements of Income & Expenses from The Moorings will be the basis for sound reporting and tax preparation with your tax

The Moorings is with you from start to finish. From buying the correct yacht, partnering in the management and marketing of your yacht, to the end of the program. You might decide to sail off into the sunset, trade in on a new yacht, or need assistance in selling, The Moorings will be there.

It should also be comforting to know you will be dealing with the same partner in each of these steps, instead of one yacht sales person, a loose relationship with another network of charter operators and at the end a broker that may only interested in selling your yacht as quickly as possible.

It is also worth mentioning in the unlikely event a dispute should arise, you are dealing with an entity in the USA. This is important. One of our Yacht Sales team will determine with you the best yacht for your business. Provide specifications, sample agreements, proformas and Income and Expense Sheets. They will also provide a line by line explanation of the assumptions to share with your tax associate or our tax expert. These team members are not allowed to give tax advice so we have organized Patrick J. Wehrly, to take over with tax questions.




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